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Open Balloon Poppers on KhanAcademy [newtab]

Balloon Poppers is a free game I made that is similar to Cookie Clickers. Click the balloon and upgrade stuff to get more balloons! Press the UP and DOWN arrows to scroll through upgrades.



    When you get a certain amount of upgrades you can’t save because it says it Exceeds maximum 3 digit encoding value when you go to generate a code.

    • The app making has been canceled since I can’t find a language to convert it into. Saving should be released tomorrow. AntiTax and other upgrades are still being added.
      But, a leaderboard may be a good idea. I might add that.

  • me

    Things to add: More upgrades. Able to pop balloons if in another tab. Mobile phone app. Helpers that you can hire that can do special things(e.g. Popping Paul gives you one thousand pops every time you get 5,000. You should be able to upgrade them too.

    • A mobile version is coming soon. There will be more features in the mobile version. I probably won’t update the ProcessingJS version (this one) very much since ProcessingJS isn’t that good of a language and features are limited. The mobile app will have more upgrades and stuff, though. Stay tuned for the app!
      EDIT: The mobile app has been canceled. This ProcessingJS version will be up to date with all features.

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