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Today, November 5, 2017, marks 92 Spoons’ official one year anniversary! 92spoons.com was first released on this day one year ago. To celebrate we are having 5 FREE PRODUCT GIVEAWAYS!!! You also can see what 92 Spoons used to be like when we take a look back in time.

Free Giveaways

The giveaway is now closed. See the results here.

92 Spoons is going to be giving away one of each product made before today for FREE! Yes, that’s one free Finger Hat, Illinois Air, Transparent Paper, Pet Rock, and Fidget Spoon! The results are at www.92spoons.com/2017/11/results-of-the-one-year-giveaway/

A look back in time: From Google site to 92spoons.com

Ever wondered what the history of the 92 Spoons website is? Here is the link to the original 92 Spoons Google site:


And here is the link to the original 92 Spoons Products Google Site:


A word to everyone who has bought a product or helped support 92 Spoons

Thank you to everyone who has made 92 Spoons possible: that’s all the advertisers, members, and other supporters of 92 Spoons.

Another thank you to everyone who has bough a product over the last year. Thanks to you all, 92 Spoons is becoming (almost) sucessful!

😀 Thank you everyone!

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