Super Bowl Ad

Limited Time Offer, Spoon News
I recently looked up how much a 30-second Super Bowl ad costs, and turns out it costs $5 million! So, in case you are looking for a cheaper alternative, 92 Spoons is letting 1 person advertise for 60 seconds for only $2.5 million! That's like 4x the value! And many people visit 92 Spoons who don't watch the Super Bowl, so you get even better value! Contact us if you want to put in an ad!
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Limited Time Offer
92 Spoons sent an anonymous person to Fuji, Australia, to collect a bottle of Fuji air. Fuji air is like Illinois Air, but it has air fresh from Fuji, Australia. It comes in a bottle of Fiji water but is filled with fresh, fragrant Fuji air. There is only 1 Fuji air available for purchase! Order fast! The cost of Fuji air is $5 plus tips.
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