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92 Spoons has had many great ideas… although some of them have not worked out too well. Here is a brief history of a few things 92 Spoons has wanted to release, but has not been able to.

#1: Fork Holders

An outlet with a fork in it.

92 Spoons was planning to sell “fork holders,” which are just outlets.

It’d be funny to buy them, but they were not put on the market since we don’t want to be sued.

#2: Download a Virus

A virus eating your computer.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could willingly download a virus? 92 Spoons was going to make a downloadable virus for free that is nearly harmless (maybe it would just make 92 Spoons always appear on your screen).

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to program a virus and I don’t really want to be arrested.

#3: (Fool’s) Gold Bars

A gold bar.

Everyone wants a gold bar, so we wanted to make that happen at a discounted price. Fool’s gold costs way cheaper than real gold but looks similar.

The only problem is, we don’t have access to fool’s gold or a machine that can make it look like a gold bar.


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