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This is the tale of MR. BEAN. A simple character with a funny life. And funny legs.

It all started with a guy I drew that looked like a bean.

A happy bean-person!

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Then I realized he looked hilarious.

Mr. Bean says "Hey there." "I'm Mr. Bean!" "" "What?" "See ya."

No matter what he did.

Mr. Beans farts and says "Oh!"

So yeah.

A very creepy and angry looking bean. With a face. And an evil smile. Plus he;s screaming "ARGHHHH!"

And he’s even better with captions.

Mr. Bean's legs are being cut and he screams about it. Mr. Bean drives the Bean Bus very creepily. Mr. Bean vacuums with his legs "Like a roomba, oh yeah!"

But, no matter what, he’s funny.

Mr. Bean sits with his classic smile.

More MR. BEAN soon to come!


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