New Product: The Erase-O-Pen

Spoon News
A new product was released today that is not your ordinary pen. It can erase marks without using an eraser... Watch our ad and find out more more here:
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Eat Dirt

One day, I was bored and looked up the calories in dirt. It turns out it is really healthy, and only has 6 calories in 15 pounds. I have no clue why you would want to eat 15 pounds of dirt, but MyFitnessPal has it listed as the serving size ( Although it is a bit fattening, I must admit it is extremely addicting. Also yeah you can burn off all those 15 pounds with 2 minutes of cleaning.
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92 Spoons Product Fails

Stuff To Do, XD
92 Spoons has had many great ideas... although some of them have not worked out too well. Here is a brief history of a few things 92 Spoons has wanted to release, but has not been able to. (more…)
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